Charcoal & ash

When it comes to cool, black is always big in style. And in 2018, it’s also going to be big when it comes to cooking. Black-coloured foods, you only have to look on Instagram to see pictures of black ice cream, black lattes and black bread cluttering up your feed. And what’s the secret? Activated charcoal - deliciously safe in small amounts, but experts warn against overdoing it.

Many rant and rave that it’s a potent detoxifier, claiming it can do everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning. Beyond its supposed health benefits, it’s also great as a topping for tropical-flavoured ice creams.

Foam/Cloud egg

Long associated with whipped cream, meringue and mousse, new types of foams are forming in 2018. Using air or gas to create a light and delicious texture, people are finding new ways to experiment.

Take the craze that’s been forming around cloud eggs. Easy to make just by whisking air and baking in an oven, cloud eggs will get people stirring as it continues the trend for replacing carbohydrates with healthier, lighter alternatives, with some even using them as breakfast buns.


Confit is fit to make a comeback in 2018. The term “confit” refers to food that’s cooked in grease or oil at a lower temperature. While duck confit is seen as a classic, new sorts are starting to appear - like vegetables such as avocado confit. This offers deliciously healthy new options to a golden classic.


In 2018, fermented foods are firmly cementing themselves as the top pick amongst foodies. Probably best known for turning grapes into wine, fermentation is the process when yeast or bacteria turns, or ferments, sugar into alcohol.

Full of probiotics that are great for digestion, fermented foods cover a wide-range of products from cheese and kefir to kombucha and everything pickled. No matter your tastes, fermented food will be the taste to top this year.

Floral Flavours

Foragers have long embraced edible petals. But come 2018, floral inspiration is finally in full bloom. From adding whole flowers and petals into dishes to infusing botanical flavours into drinks and snacks, this top trend makes for a subtly sweet taste and fresh aromatics.

Known in more remote parts of the world, people in Europe are slowly starting to import the practices into their own kitchens. Take the rose for example, this lovely flower can be infused into Turkish delights or even boiled into teas for even lovelier treats. So the next time you’re in the garden, take a look at what’s growing.

Sacha Inchi

In 2018, the next super trend you’ll see on social media is Sacha Inchi. Eaten as a nut, this superfood seed from Southeast Asia has high levels of Omega-3s and is rich in protein.

Bearing a crunchy, nutty texture with a buttery flavour, the Sacha Inchi seed is currently sold as a snack - natural or salted - but also makes for a great topping whether it comes to Greek yogurt or trail mix for your next trail blazing adventure.


Superfood trends come and go, but it looks like the Moringa plant is only growing in 2018 - according to Google Trends. Its leaves have a taste and texture similar to kale.

The moringa plant grows pervasively in tropical climates. It has become popular because it’s richer in vitamins than other fruits and vegetables, for examples it has more Vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than bananas. So why not start using these beneficial trees in pressed juices, nutrition bars, kombucha, and other healthy snacks today?

Savoury Yogurts

Savoury yogurts have existed for eons, but in 2018, they’ll be slowly growing in fridges and foodies’ newsfeeds. With less sugar and sodium than other breakfast options, its great taste and nutritional benefits make them very popular.

What make savoury yogurts so appealing is that much of the sugar and carb content is removed compared to “regular” yogurt. Instead the added protein and a tangier flavour sets it up for savoury success – inviting you to try savoury ingredients like cucumbers, olive oil, and salt to the mix. This all makes for savoury yogurt as one delicious breakfast dish.