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Find the ideal freezer for you


Our freezers range from tall upright freezers to space efficient under-counter and chest freezers. 

Standard upright freezers are easy to organise and provide maximum storage capacity for that weekly shopping.
Under-counter freezers with a size of a dishwasher easily fit where space is tight.  
Chest freezers come with a lid instead of a door and are perfect for freezing groceries in bulk.

Height, width, and depth can all vary. Browse the full range to find the size that best suits your home.


How much freezing capacity will you need?   

Here's how to estimate the freezer's capacity in terms of full grocery bags:

up to 200 litres – small sized households
200-300 litres – mid sized households
300-400 litres – large sized households

Top-tip: Look for the MaxiBox drawer and the FlexiSpace interior in the freezer for effortless storing of larger items.


Save yourself from manually defrosting your freezer every few months.

Self-defrosting models will prevent frost build-up and preserve the original flavour and texture of your food, keeping it away from ice crystals. 

With AEG NoFrost, the best ice-free technology available, you can be sure of a high-performing freezer that never requires defrosting.


Be in full control of the climate in your freezer – look for the following features 

Optimum temperature – The AEG precision freezing system maintains an even temperature in every drawer to make your food last and stay fresh longer.

Express freeze – The AEG FastFreeze function helps to freeze your fresh produce quickly, preserving its flavour, colour and nutritional value.

High temperature alert – High temperature warning signal will let you know if the door has been left open or if the internal temperature is rising.


All freezers are labelled with energy efficiency rating on a scale from A+++ (most efficient) to A+ (least efficient). Selecting a freezer with an energy class from A+ and upwards will help you to cut your energy costs. For comparison, an A++ class freezer is 21% more efficient than an A+ class freezer.

Top-tip: Reduce energy consumption by placing your freezer away from heat emitting appliances like radiators and ovens.


If you are looking for professional grade temperature control, flexible storage and impeccable performance, AEG has an ideal freezer for you.

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